Networked Intimacy. Friendship and intimacy in Facebook Italian users

During the last few days we took part to the eight edition of Media in Transition Conference.  We asked a group of collegues from different countries to share with us their view on SNSs in their respective national contexts.

You can read about the panel and all the speeches in the conference website.

The team from SNS-ITALIA presented the latest findings from the fieldwork (120 in depth interviews). The presentation was focused on the idea of intimacy and how intimacy is performed in networked publics. We come out with the concept of Networked Intimacy defined as:

Networked Intimacy is a performed relationship of togetherness taking place in a networked public space.

Networked intimacy creates ephemeral intimate groups that recursively reshape the distinction between private and public.

The full presentation used during speech is here:


2 thoughts on “Networked Intimacy. Friendship and intimacy in Facebook Italian users

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